Dansko Shoes are the Professional Choice

Dansko has been making safe and sturdy footwear for decades. With a specialized focus on workplace shoes, they have become respected by chefs, nurses, and doctors for their excellent construction and comfort. danskoAdditionally, the company is active and involved in environmental awareness that continually strives to reduce the environmental impact caused by their manufacturing.

The Dansko Company has received full accreditation from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) in acknowledgement for their ergonomic shoe design and function, allowing for pain-free wear while encouraging correct posture. Without proper footwear, active employees often face the increased potential for getting back injuries, nagging aches, and foot pain.

The Dansko Company has gained respect and a loyal following for their shoe products, but also for their longstanding commitment to environmental awareness. They have won numerous awards for using responsible product material in addition to establishing green facilities. In addition to environmental commitment, Dansko participates in many humanitarian and charitable activities, both here and abroad. They have supported the Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Land Conservancy, and other relief programs and causes that present themselves.

Dansko serves professionals in every field and type of work, offering quality footwear that has been specifically designed by health experts for support and safety. Chefs and workers in the food industry are quick to give praise for the oil-resistant, non-slip, and water resistant shoe wear features. Solid and reliable footwear reduces some of the potential danger present from greasy kitchen floors that can cause slipping and dangerous burns from grease and scalding water.

The medical community endorses Dansko and acknowledges the superior design, dependability, and comfort of their shoes and clogs. There are critical and life-threatening situations that occur throughout the day in hospitals, ER rooms, and wherever medical services are provided. From the stable footing needed by a doctor during medical procedures to the assisting physicians and nurses that are continually on the move, Dansko is the shoe of choice. The ergonomic properties of their product enable these health professionals to stay on their feet longer without feeling any discomfort and distraction from poor footwear. The shoes come with an insole that can be removed to ventilate and protect the feet. The arch support of the shoe allows individuals to concentrate on their job rather than their uncomfortable feet.

Industrial professions requiring employees to be active and constantly on their feet have turned to Dansko for decades to provide an appropriate shoe to meet the need. Their solution has been to produce affordable footwear that is reliable, comfortable and ideal for the working class community. In return for the support and loyalty Dansko has received, they return a generous percentage of their profits back into the community through their benevolent and humanitarian interests. Because of their commitment to producing an excellent product with a low environmental footprint, Dansko has become one of the leading companies people turn to for their work footwear.

Whatever your field of work, check out the product line offerings of the Dansko Shoe Company before making your next purchase.…

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